Additive technologies are widely used in medicine, particularly, for customized implants out of titanium alloy powders manufacturing.

Advantages of the use of additive technologies in medicine

Manufacturing of customized implants out of medicine-grade titanium alloy has the following advantages:

  • provision of the optimal porosity of the surface in the form of trabecular structure with recommended parameters for intensive osteosynthesis and osteointegration
  • formation of interface surfaces with required geometry and roughness for prevention of penetration of infection in the area of contact with soft tissues and skin of the patient
  • formation of channels of any form within an implant for delivery of pharmaceuticals and formation of thin-walled elements
  • formation of threading of any profile, including variable diameter and pitch
  • manufacturing of annexed surfaces for fast-shifting abutments

Powder Bed Fusion

Powder Bed Fusion is an innovative technology for manufacturing geometrically complex products by application of the powder, layer after layer, and local melting of selected areas of each layer of the powders of various metal alloys to form a shape presented as a CAD model. As the source of energy, a high-power ytterbium fiber laser of continuous radiation is used. This process is successfully ousting out traditional manufacturing methods, as physical and mechanical properties of products manufactured with it, as well as their geometry, surpass those of analogs manufactured with traditional technologies

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3D printers and auxiliary equipment

3D printer Alfa-150D

A compact solution for ambitious and high-precision industrial and research issues

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3D printer Alfa-280

An ideal solution for mass production and prototyping

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Vacuum powder removal units

Devices are intended for collection of unused metal non-reactive powder from the work area of the Alfa-150D and Alfa-280 3D printers

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Automated metal powder sieving units

Devices for sifting, mixing and homogenizing metal powder for reuse

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